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[1] Olicity and Jostrid parallels

Why it's not a "bromance" 


So many of Sherlock’s actors and creators have spoken out about Johnlock and fan interpretation, and they all say something to this effect: “Of course John and Sherlock love each other, but that doesn’t mean they’re in love with each other.”

And I’d like to take this…


Awwww look they’re married… Don’t tell me they’re not.

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we all get a second chance


meet your soulmate an outlaw queen fanmix | listen 

dark horse - katy perry | dark side - kelly clarkson | this love (will be your downfall) - ellie goulding | haven’t met you yet - michael buble | impossible - james arthur | the only exception - paramore | a thousand years - christina perri | never say never - the fray | fix you - coldplay  | wonderwall — oasis | iris - goo goo dolls

   favourite once upon a time moments: 3.18 bleeding through

You are a diamond, that fits into my heart so easily.
We have the system for the stars,
to keep us safe and warm. (x)

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