"I know that Finnick can’t focus on anything in 13 because he’s trying so hard to see what’s happening in the Capitol to Annie, the mad girl from his district who’s the only person on earth he loves.


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#you can’t even imagine how much I love Sherlock freaking out because John is in danger #he seems in control of his actions all the time #he is always calm and controlled like a machine #but when it comes to John he loses it in two sec flat #and the panic starts to drive him crazy #amazing how fire exposes our priorities #isn’t it, dear Sherlock?




#Third panel #We can pinpoint the exact moment Sherlock fell in love with John #How did I deduce that I hear you say… #His eyes are positively shimmering #The smile, maybe uncharacteristic but John’s one of the few people that make it happen #The tiny swallowing, like trying to get rid of the feelings that just clogged up his neck #DEDUKSHIONS

and how he collects himself enough to offer up his card to John. Putting the phrase “what’s mine is yours” into action, despite the fact that this is, Sherlock. Since when did Sherlock willingly allow another human being to share his possessions? His home, his work, his life. The answer is simple—John. You can live in my space, my domain, I will share my thoughts with you and allow you to tag along for the one thing that keeps me alive—-my work.

He is letting someone take part in his life (something the famous Sherlock Holmes would have never allowed to happen) in exchange for what? For a companion. Someone to share their life with him in return. To me, this sounds like a relationship. And that is something Sherlock would have never deduced would happen to him. You can see the smile on his face, he knows he shouldn’t have been lucky enough to have a companion like John. But he is.


game of thrones meme: eight friendships or otps [4/8] → Arya & Gendry
“If you start calling me m’lady, even Hot Pie is going to notice. And you better keep on pissing the same way too.” “As m’lady commands.” Arya slammed his chest with both hands. He tripped over a stone and sat down with a thump. “What kind of lord’s daughter are you?” he said, laughing.


Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield in New York (08.13)